Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Chinese regal vegetarian restaurant

2007-07-21 evening

King Join restaurant logo and teapot (below)

some curios (below)

核桃南瓜羹 Walnut Pumpkin Paste (below, translation from the menu)

蘿蔔酥餅 Turnip Buns (below, translation from the menu)

山藥枸杞炒蘆筍 Chinese Yam & Wolfberries Stir Fried with Asparagus (below, translation from the menu)

紅燜猴頭蘑 Stewed Hedgehog Mushroom with Gingko (below, translation from the menu)

什錦炒飯 Assorted Stir Fried Rice (below, translation from the menu)

精燉猴菇麵 Hedgehog Mushroom Noodle Soup (below, translation from the menu)

Chinese zither music

Desserts (the following introductions are excerpts from the menu)

As the capital of China for five dynasties---Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing, snack history in Beijing dates back to the 14th century...
碗豆黃 Pea Cake
made of choice yellow peas and a kind of special herb
This cake was one of the snacks served at the state feast to welcome Mrs. Thatcher's state visit to China.

驢打滾 Rocking Donkey
The donkey played an important role in the old agricultural Beijing. Donkeys were used to drive the grinder that ground the bean flour, one of the ingredients of this type of snack. The cake looks like the mud sticking to the surface of a rocking donkey and thus it is called Rocking Donkey snack.

蓮蓉捲糕 Lotus Seed Paste Roll
a mascot symbol and a kind of tonic

奶酪 Chinese Yogurt
It is made with fresh milk, fermented rice soup and sugar and baked on a charcoal fire, then cooled with ice for condensation.


Ruby said...

唉 讓我又還念起北京了...
唉唉 貪嗔癡 真難戒!

TJ said...

據說那是台北市唯一一家素食的京兆尹, 在四維路靠仁愛圓環那邊. 很好吃, 但是頗貴的, 茶水一壺在別家餐廳都附贈, 京兆尹卻要收30元.

Google Web Definitions (by Jorge Sierra)