Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sony Partners with BU to Deliver the UK's First Sony HD Media Studio

picture taken from Bournemouth University Bulletin Issue 21, October 2007

See news release on Sony's website
See news release on BU's website

About Bournemouth University (source: Bournemouth University Bulletin Issue 21, October 2007 and Sony's website)

The Media School at Bournemouth University is the largest centre of professional higher education for the media industries in the UK, offering high-quality, industry-recognised courses in Media Production and Media Management, Journalism, Computer Animation, and Communications; including Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing.

The Media School is the UK's only Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (as designated by the Higher Education Funding Council for England) and an accredited Skillset Screen Academy. These endorsements firmly establish the School as a major training and education centre for the media industries.

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