Saturday, September 06, 2008

宏觀報導: 發揚中華文化


一如以往, 該報導可在宏觀電視網站收看, 標題為 "英國伯恩茅斯 發揚中華文化". (因為網站更新的緣故, 如果您在網頁右下角"新聞選單"處找不到該報導, 請依下列步驟觀看:

1. 網頁左下角 "僑社新聞網" 按鈕選單處按下 "地區"; "地區" 的下拉式選單處選 "歐洲" --> "英國" --> "伯恩茅斯".

2. "日期"處兩邊都設定為 2008-09-05. 右下方 "查詢" 處按一下, 該報導會在右方"新聞選單"處出現. 即使你聽到 "We do not understand the link you have requested. Please check the link and try again" 也沒有關係.

3. 在"英國伯恩茅斯 發揚中華文化"標題連結處點一下.

4. 在左方的播放視窗處按下該三角形按鈕, 即可收看.


There’s nothing unusual for an ethnic Chinese Gong Fu master to teach westerners martial arts and Qi Gong. But it is quite special for a British Gong Fu master to teach not only westerners but also ethnic Chinese. This is part of a Bournemouth University’s cultural awareness project, aiming to promote traditional Chinese culture and philosophies through martial arts, Qi Gong and fine arts to students and the local community. Even Taiwanese expatriates are interested.
To watch this video clip in Chinese, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Macroview TV website:

2. On the lower left hand side of the page where you see some drop down menus at the "Compatriot News" section:
First click on the button which says "地區" (Area), if this option is not chosen as default. From the "地區" (Area) menu, choose "歐洲" for Europe, choose "英國" for UK, and choose "伯恩茅斯" for Bournemouth.

3. On both sides of the "日期" (Date) menu, set both dates as 2008-09-05. Click on "查詢" (Search) button in the next line to the right. The report link should appear on the right hand side where it says "新聞選單" (News Menu). It does NOT matter even if you hear "We do not understand the link you have requested. Please check the link and try again".

4. You should see the headline: 英國伯恩茅斯 發揚中華文化 (Bournemouth, UK: promotion of Chinese culture). Click on this headline link under "新聞選單" (News Menu). It should play automatically.

5. If not, click on the triangular button (play button) of the control panel on the left hand side. You should then be able to watch it.

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